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At Get-Eco we take a sustainable approach to developing your garden to your needs and circumstances. Our gardens provide an opportunity for us all to contribute to environmental conservation whilst increasing the aesthetic and financial value of our homes. With the right design and implementation you can have a lush, green garden all year round. We specialise in contemporary Australian native gardens with a formal, semi-formal and naturalistic structure tailored to Adelaide's unique climate.

Formal Home Entry, Torrens Park
Garden Bed Pathway
Round Garden Bed
Raised Garden Vegetable Beds
Modern Garden Design, Grange
Sustainable Coastal Garden, Grange
Garden Retaining Wall
Contrasting Stone Garden Bed
Coastal Native Garden, Brighton
Garden Path Detail

Depending on your situation our landscape designs may incorporate the following sustainable principles:

◉ Climate wise Indigenous, native and exotic plants

◉ Low maintenance plants

◉ Water management

◉ Habitat gardens

◉ Productive gardens

◉ Water wise lawns and lawn replacement

◉ Organic soil improvement

◉ Minimal resource requirements

◉ Renewable materials

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