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For the last 5 of years we have been lucky enough to be able to collaborate with Frenchenviro on a number of school nature play projects. In both private and public schools, these projects have ranged from small corners of playgrounds to large redevelopments. Working with the schools, teachers and students to create functional imaginative play spaces, has been very rewarding and has given us the opportunity to stretch our design skills in ways that residential sites don’t often provide.


These school play spaces provide opportunities for educational outcomes through imaginative play, which encourage a sense of identity, connection and a strong sense of wellbeing. The environments are designed to also encourage confidence and help the children become involved learners and effective communicators. Non-uniform construction helps with physical development and risk taking strategies. Nature materials help anchor the spaces into the environment and create enjoyable adventures for the children. 

(Portfolio includes many amazing photos by Catherine Leo Photography)

Elements Considered 

• Nature Play & Water Play/Movement • Ecological Living Practices • Stormwater Management • Motor Skill Development • Fast & Slow Play Area • Creative Play • Productive Gardens • Sustainable Education

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